Tilman’s past credits include the multi-award winning history series The Nazis - A Warning from History, the RTS and BAFTA nominated Docu-Drama Colosseum and factual drama Blackbeard, the True Pirate of the Caribbean.

Picture Films is an innovate TV productions company

in London specialising in high quality factual TV.

Recent credits include Legend of the Crystal Skulls, a 140 year old mystery solved in this award winning documentary. Coming up is Earth Under Water on sea level rise and future engineering. Picture Films co-productions include Nat Geo US, Nat Geo International, Smithsonian Networks, France 5, Channel Five UK , BBC Worldwide and Antenna 3 Spain.

Picture Films currently has two new projects in production and is developing three new series , including history, science and contemporary civilisation

Picture Films is the brainchild of award winning producer and director 
Tilman Remme, formerly BBC.
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